Trans Am TA2 Team

Trans AM TA2 Team

Trans AM TA2 is said to be the perfect balance of refinement and raw power. These 550HP, tube frame race cars offer no grannies like anti-lock brakes and traction control. They have a H-Pattern Shifter and truly put the team and driver to the test. Nitro is the 2023 Trans AM TA2 Champion, having won the championship with driver Brent Crews.

Any given race weekend Nitro will have up to 7 cars competing in the Trans Am National Tour. Our team includes NASCAR veterans, current road course racing legends, and an assortment of people widely regarded as the best for what they do. The focus is to win, and we provide every tool needed to reach that objective.

Having access to data from up to 7 cars, our drivers and crew chiefs are able to collaborate and figure out what is, or isn’t working very quickly.  This brings the whole team up to speed much faster, allowing the effort to be spent on small refinements in setup and lines rather than big swings that can waste a whole session. Every session is recorded with three onboard cameras that are spliced into an instructional piece to help review driver technique with our driver coaches.  Data and video is reviewed collectively among all drivers offering the opportunity to learn multiple times over from the techniques of the other drivers. There simply is no better way to TA2 than with our program.

Nitro TA2 Crew Chiefs

Nitro Drivers