Our Cars

There is nothing quite as refined and well prepared on the grid as a car prepped by Nick Tucker and his team at Nitro Motorsports.  Nitro cars are prepped to the absolute highest level. No stone is unturned in the performance department.  Frequent trips are taken to the wind tunnel and dyno ensure that every car is performing at it’s peak.  There simply isn’t a better fleet of race cars in the Trans Am or GR86 paddock than the Nitro cars.

We operate state-of-the-art TA2 Ford Mustangs on Mike Cope Race Cars chassis. Our cars represents the high end of what a TA2 car can be.  Each car is built by Tucker and crew in our Mooresville Shop to exacting standards utilizing all of the speed, reliability, and handling secrets learned in our program from years of industry experience and knowledge by our team.

Our cars feature AIM MXS Data Systems with all sensors.  AIM Smarty Cams for onboard video. Our full containment carbon fiber seat with various inserts makes the cars extremely safe. We also have helmet and seat cooling for driver comfort.

We have a number of industry partners that we work with on a close level to help develop parts on the leading edge in the Trans Am Series.  Brembo Brakes, PME Engines, MPI, Andrews Products, Sabelt Safety Equipment, PWR Radiators, Monit and more.

Our cars won more races in 2022-2023 than all other teams combined. The results speak for themselves.