Who We Are

Nitro Motorsports is a professional racing team based out of Mooresville, NC. We operate up to 10 cars per weekend in the Trans Am TA2 Series and the Toyota GR Cup Series. Nitro is the reigning Trans Am TA2 National Series Champion.

Our staff and mechanics have decades of experience at the highest levels, including NASCAR Cup. Nitro is lead by Nick Tucker, a racer himself, with a lifetime of experience in the highest levels of NASCAR, including driving for Ray Evernham.

Nitro’s platform is an integral part of the driver development program for Toyota Racing Development, and a platform used by many drivers developing their road racing skills to get into NASCAR and IMSA.

Nitro Motorsports is the right mix of having the absolute best competition proven cars and resources and desire to win, while maintaining an open door to aspiring drivers that want to move up the motorsports ladder. We can take you as far as you are willing to go.

What we offer

Trans Am TA2 Racing

Toyota GR86 Racing

Driver Development