Driver Development

Nitro Motorsports is at the leading edge of driver development, strategically positioned between karts and NASCAR.  We offer two very important rungs of the development ladder with the Toyota GR86 platform and the Trans AM TA2 platform. The GR86 is a great way for a driver to cut their teeth in road racing, and get noticed.  The TA2 Series is a great way to for a driver to prove they are worthy of investment to compete at the highest levels.

We take driver development very seriously, and respect our position in the sport.  Our drivers in both series are generally hand selected.  They must have a track record and history to prove they have the potential to compete at these levels.  Our team cars are highly prepped and capable to win in any race they are entered, we expect our drivers to compliment this with their skill and work ethic.  We are winners, and we want winners driving our cars.

For a driver to be considered for one of our cars they must be fully funded.  Please contact us for availability.


Here are some notable up and coming drivers that have driven in our program: